X-Ray Produktscanner

Die X-Ray Produktscanner haben eine exzellente Fremdkörperdetektierung wie Metall, Aluminium, Glas, Steine, Keramik, Teflon, Knochen und viele andere metallische und nichtmetallische Materialien.

Simple to Disassemble, Easy to Clean, and Reliable Security

  • Good environment adaptability
  • Equipped with industrial air conditioner
  • Completely sealed structure to avoid dust
  • Environmental humidity can reach 90%
  • Environmental temperature can reach -10~40

Excellent Product Applicability

  • Up to eight grade image processing technology to achievethe best product adaptability and stability

High Configuration of Hardware

  • Spare parts are well-known imported brands to ensure the performance and service life of the machine

Excellent Operability

  • 15-inch touch screen display, easy to operate,
  • Auto-learning function. Equipment will automatically remember qualified product parameters
  • Automatically save the product images, which is convenient for user’s analysis and tracking

Shielding Function

  • Cans shielding
  • Desiccant shielding
  • Boundary shielding
  • Sausage aluminum buckle shielding

Defects Inspection Function

  • The system will detect and inform tablet crack, tablet lacking, and tablet with contamination

Comprehensive and Reliable Security

  • X-ray leakage meets FDA and CE standards
  • Perfect safe operation monitoring to prevent the leakage from mis-operation